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Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Music-Good Pottery

So, I'm at home in my kitchen watching Tom Verlaine on youtube and thinking this guy---a true gem of a guitarist--- plays just like Hamada Shoji would throw; I'm talking about rhythm and feel; so I do a quick search and lo and behold on youtube is the great Hamada, just wish I could have replaced the koto with Venus de Milo, a Verlaine-Television classic:
You see, there is no difference between a great pot, a great painting, a great poem, or a great rope of hope. (Taken at the Sengen Shrine, Shizuoka City, June 23rd). Tomorrow, June 26th, as fate would have it, I travel to Mashiko to select works from Miyamjima Masayuki's just fired kiln for our exhibition at that begins early next month. Surely, I will drive into town with Tom and Hamada hand in hand....