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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Very Cool Matsui Kosei Interactive Color Page

Just ran across this very cool interactive page on dealing with color and using some Matsui Kosei neriage pots to illustrate their 'Color is Magic: Move Your Spirit with the Colors of Japan.' page In Japanese only though:

Photo courtesy of and the page's sponsor Sony-Bravia

Friday, July 20, 2007

New Living National Treasures Named...

From today's Asahi Newspaper; for ceramics and the second LNT for seiji-celadon Nakajima Hiroshi:

Japan Ceramic Society 2006 Award-Winners Exhibition

From July 24th until August 1 a look at recent works of the three 2006 Japan Ceramic Society Award-winners ceramic artists will be held in Tokyo. Gold Prize recipient Kato Kiyoyuki and JCS Award winners Takegoshi Jun and Miwa Kazuhiko will be showing 100 pieces combined at Wako Hall in Ginza--please note for some odd reason Wako is closed on Sunday. Stay tuned for more next week.....