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Greetings from Kyoto, We've just moved our gallery into a magnificent old Sukiya style home located very near the Silver Pavilion; a stunning area and setting for the inspired ceramic art we share with the world. Please visit us if ever in Kyoto or online at and

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Misaski Mitsukuni and a Massive Tokkuri!

Here at our Mishima gallery we have a few exhibitions in progress, which are of course also online at One ceramic artist is an award-winning potter who creates some of the most interesting forms in all of Japan today; his name is Mikuni Mitsukuni. He won the 12th Japan Ceramic Art exhibition Grand Prix in 1993 and a photo of that work along with a list of all past winners can be viewed here, in Japanese only though:
The other exhibits we have now are celadon master Watanabe Akihiko and Mashiko's Sakuma Fujiya, please do visit online--or in person--by the end of September, that's when all three exhibitions will last to.

A few months ago I was in Okayama city and had one of the best meals I've ever had! Across the counter was a large tokkuri and I asked the chef if I could see it. Well, it was massive and I was told a reject from Kaneshige Toyo's, I'll take it!