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Greetings from Kyoto, We've just moved our gallery into a magnificent old Sukiya style home located very near the Silver Pavilion; a stunning area and setting for the inspired ceramic art we share with the world. Please visit us if ever in Kyoto or online at and

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bizen in the Spotlight; Lights, Camera......

One of Japan's best art programs is the somewhat comical, yet very informative program on NHK called Bi-no-Tsubo (Beautiful Jar/ Japanese only web site at:
> It airs each Friday evening and focuses on some artistic apsect of Japanese culture, from an airing on tatami mats, to sushi, to Rosanjin. Late last year a producer called our gallery and requested that we open up the gallery--and an interview with Robert--to show and talk about Bizen pottery. Of course we were honored and said sure. The four-team film crew arrived on Jan. 15th and filming took all day; most likely for a fifteen second slot in the program. The next day the team headed to Okayama where they visited a great restaurant Hamuro (see previous blog photo of huge Kaneshige Toyo boat tokkuri) and then they visited Isezaki Jun--the current Living National Treasure--and not sure where else; guess I'll have to watch the program. The program will be shown on Feb. 29th--Leap Year fortune?--and we hope to have some video or DVD to offer; of course the program is in Japanese only. Some photos from the day......

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blessings Abound/Happy New Year!

It's said a dream of Mt.Fuji for one's first dream of the year is a sure sign of impending fortune and good luck. Well, to spread an 'image dream' of Mt.Fuji to bring good fortune to all who visit this blog, I share with you a photo I took of Fuji-san from Suruga Bay, Numazu on New Year's Day: Wishing all a wonderful 2008 full of days just as you like them. From today's Japan Times about Mt.Fuji: