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Greetings from Kyoto, We've just moved our gallery into a magnificent old Sukiya style home located very near the Silver Pavilion; a stunning area and setting for the inspired ceramic art we share with the world. Please visit us if ever in Kyoto or online at and

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kikuchi Biennale

If in Tokyo until June 26th be sure to check out the Kikuchi Bienalle IV at Musee Tomo; our favorite emerging artist Gomi Kenji was awarded a prize. Their HP in Japanese only:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Japan Living Arts Yes, I know, and no I know not; Saka from Hagi just named, first female in the line; Kako showing in Tokyo, lights are low; Sakiyama showing in Mishima, Monday last day; Mashiko potters and more in need, we all know; Harvey Young and Euan Craig blogs move me to tears; my book all sales to charity; moving to Kyoto soon my path twists; Japan is a magical place, people are strong, sense of purpose, the earth moves.