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Monday, January 30, 2012

Japan Ceramic Society Winner's Exhibition Additional Photos...


At February 02, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Osawa’s 'slab' you are writing about intrigued me to go and see the exhibition today. It was an interesting experience as only two women: Machiko Ogawa (小川・待子) and Shoko Koike (小池・頌子) contributed their works of art this year. I was particularly interested in the technique of making the 'slab'. Circling it a few times, I discovered that the artist, first, made a vase using the wheel, and then split it by cutting and tearing the piece. It seems to me, therefore, that there is a 'twin sibling', represented by the second part of the pot, somewhere there waiting to be discovered in the future. Looking from above, one could notice that only a half of the piece, weighting about 5 or 6 kg, has been flushed with glazing, but the sealed surface is sufficient to support a kenzan. Besides, the pottery has a small flat inside on which it rests. An amazing piece of work.

The second woman displaying her work was Shoko Koike. The artist comes from a well-established artistic family, yet, displays her distinctly unique style. One of her 'The form of white' (白の形) pieces was sold already – missed on this one, as it was making a pair with a micro pot-chan being made in the image and likeness of the big, flower-like piece. As I saw it, both of them would make an ideal support to a sophisticated ikebana arrangement. The 'shell', on the other hand, seems to be a continuation of the artist’s current style. Also an interesting piece of pottery, though.

Thank you for the hint and a brief introduction of the event.


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