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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kimura Chojiroyukei XV

Of all the potting centers I've visited in Japan by far I've been to Bizen (Imbe) the most. So many times I've lost count, 40 maybe......50.
One of the first production kilns I visited on my first trip back in the late 1980s is called Korakuen (from my shuki column a few years back: and is in the center of Imbe. Last week I was there again and paid a quick visit to see how master potter Kimura Chojiroyukei(1930-) was. He glanced at me when I walked in and stuttered..."!(Yellin!)"
The Korakuen kiln is one of Bizen's oldest and the original home to the first Kimura potters, part of the famous 'Six Families of Bizen.'
As I was leaving he slipped me a piece of paper upon which he had written, 'The Beauty of Bizen; I love not the beauty of gorgeousness the less/but natural beauty more. It may not be the greatest luxury, but/Quietly enjoying the naturalness of Bizen/Will surely give comfort/To your daily life.' I thought I'd share his gentle words with you.


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