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Monday, March 13, 2006

Abe Anjin

Today I received a simple post card from Abe Anjin. For those of you who may not recognize this name, Abe ('ah-bay') is simply one of the finest Bizen ceramic artists EVER seen in this classic style. The postcard was to announce that two mixed-media works dating from 1994 and 1997 were acquired by the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. It may not be known, yet also three works were also acquired by the MET in New York a few years back by the wheels I set in motion. Abe always wanted to have a show in New York and back then I was the 'shadow man' for most of Dai Ichi's exhibitions, and so I introduced him to B-san and an exhibtion was arranged. Someone 'got' Abe's work and made sure that those in power at the MET also noticed, and thus the acquisition. At that time in history, Abe was also working quite intensely with the late artist Ikeda Masuo--his interest in yakimono ignited--and joint exhibitions were held and many more planned before Ikeda's untimely passing. I have many fond memories of visiting Ikeda-sensei in Atami with Abe-sensei and before noon came around Ikeda-sensei would be calling my name, "Robato, nomo!" We then hit the best sake to be had with the finest sakana-tibits in the land, all the while his dogs--what were there six-seven?--barking for tastes from his pure hand. Abe was devastated when Ikeda-sensei left this world and a deeply moving mixed-media Abe tribute is titled, 'Masuo I am Still Alive' and is a work of art one can never forget upon once glance. I shall place some 'Abe-Bizen' on this blog tomorrow--different computer now--yet for the time being please enjoy Abe's recently created home page:
Once again, omedeto to Abe-sensei as his works find yet another deserving place. A fine interview with Abe-sensei can also be read here: and also more here:


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