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Friday, June 17, 2011

Shigaraki and Tanuki

The other day while my good friend Mark Schumacher--who was visiting from his base in Kamakura--were having lunch at Omen I got an email from the gallery that a tanuki was napping in the gallery garden! Now as many know when one visits Shigaraki any which way one turns their head a tanuki will appear in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately. Mark also runs the world's greatest web site on Japanese gods, goddesses, Shinto Kami, creatures and demons, and his entry all about tanuki can be read here: My visiting tanuki was on the rather thin side and someone suggested I place some sake and nibbles out for him(her), yet not sure I fancy him(her) coming around again, possibly along with family and friends. Yet I have a feeling that's bound to happen anyway, along with some other critters. Maybe it was the vintage Shigaraki pot I placed in the garden a few weeks ago that got their attention.......?!


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