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Friday, January 20, 2006

2006 Japan Ceramic Society Awards Winners Announced

Today the news was leaked from a Wako board room; the winners of the 2006 Japan ceramic Society Awards were announced to only a few! The prestigious Gold Award was handed to celadon specialist Nakajima Hiroshi(1941-) who fires out of Saga Prefecture. I went to the JCS exhibition yesterday and the attached photo is of a large celadon platter by Nakajima. His name has also been mentioned as a possible future Living National Treasure for celadon, yet who knows for sure. The JCS Prize---only one this year--was given to....drum roll please..............Ichino Masahiko! We've featured Ichino's work on for some years now; he's a genius in my book. A past interview with Ichino can be read on


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