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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jun Kaneko/Selected Works 1989-2005

The first time I saw a work by Jun Kaneko was in Honoho Geijutsu; wow, check out those big dangos! A dango, by the way, is not something rude or to stare at yet is simply a rice cake dumpling in a ball form. Kaneko's dango are huge and polka dotted in bright colors, something quite unusual for a Japanese potter. Yet, Kaneko belongs more to the US than he does to Japan--you can read why in the following link. I also saw his work a few weeks ago in Tokyo when I visited the Park Hyatt Hotel in Roppongi. There by the elevators were two enormous heads that seemed to be eye-ballng all who strolled by. It's not often that Kaneko's work is shown in Japan and a fine chance to see some major works starts on April 15 until July 9 at the Museum of Modern Ceramics located in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture. More about the exhibition and Kaneko can be viewed here:
A few words about the museum here:

I may add that Kaneko is good friends with two of the most creative ceramic artists in Japan today---Suzuki Goro and Koie Ryoji---the latter's exhibition online worldwide here


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