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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Award for Miyao Masahiro

One of our favorite younger Bizen ceramic artists--Miyao Masahiro--has been awarded a major award at the 53rd annual Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts exhibition! It's the Nihon Kogei Kai Kai-cho Award for the pictured large hachi-bowl, selected by the chairman of the Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts association. Miyao is only the third Bizen ceramic artist to be awarded a top award at this prestigious exhibition, the other two being Yamamoto Izuru and Isezaki Shin. The exhibition starts next week in Tokyo at Mitsukoshi(9/26-10/8, then across Japan it travels) and more information--in Japanese only though--can be found in the following web site:
Congratulations to Miyao!


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