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Friday, July 28, 2006

Japan Ceramics Society Award Winners Exhibition/A Few Photos

Riding the bullet train into Tokyo I noticed how the buildings in the Ginza district were blocking the sun on one side. I wondered why all those folks down there were walking in the sun, it was blazing hot! Departing the train, I made a beeline for the shady side of the street and even when I arrived at Wako---only a short walk--I was a wet noodle. I stood in the shade by the main show window to cool down and took one of the photos seen here; it shows a set of Ichino Masahiko's bottles along with another shot of a celadon jar that looks as if the sun melted the glaze! I must say the overall exhibition was a joy to see and I am very delighted at Ichino's selection, yet I feel the two-month time limit he had to produce work showed in the 'rushed' aura that many pieces had. As for Nakajima, his work is so stoic and perfect; one wonders why he even bothers with designs on his immaculate celadon. And then that window piece! Jackson Pollack's ghost must have crept into Nakajima's psyche, or some other strange apparition that dwells in the Japan night. Ceramic critic/professor Inui Yoshiaki gave the opening speech introducing each artist---nothing extraordinary mentioned, and then a few short words from the artists. If anyone would like to see addtional photos from the exhibit please email me.
This month on 8/21 saw the passing of Kiyomizu RokubeVII, also known as Kyube. His cubic mixed media works were ground-breaking and we see the influnece in his son's work now.


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