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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Leach Pottery Restoration Project

"Bernard Leach's pottery in St.Ives is up for sale and in dange rof being lost as place where pots are made. We think the site is far too important to allow this to happen. With your help, we want to save it and celebrate the life and work of this hugely influential potter." These words are part of the pamplet I recieved at a benefit for the Leach Pottery in Tokyo last week at the UK Embassy. In Japan there are quite a few famous potter's homes that are now museums, such as Kawai Kanjiro, Hamada Shoji, Arakawa Toyozo, Fujiwara Kei, Tomimoto Kenkichi and Nakazato Taroemon, to name a few. What is interesting to note is that the Leach Project calls for not only a small musuem, yet also a working center for study to keep the 'flame alive.' A worthy project indeed and donations in any amount are being solicited at


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