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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ceramic NOW and The Future Exhibition in Hyogo

A new ceramic museum was recently opened in Sasayama, Hyogo prefecture simply named The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo. I've yet to visit and hope to do so when I visit the area in early autumn to select works for our Kako Katsumi Sept. exhibtion. The museum is hosting their third major exhibit titled, Tougei no genzai, soshite mirai e, Ceramic Now plus' that showcases the works of five Japanese ceramic artists: Itabashi Hiromi, Uchida Koichi, Komatsu Jun, Toda Morinobu, and Miwa Kazuhiko. All are very unique to say the least and have created their own voices in clay; Itabashi for his white clay spike groupings, Uchida for his tremendous versatility, Komatsu for his eerie organic forms, Toda for his 'puzzle piece' boxes, and Miwa for his Hagi sculptural 'robed goblin' vases. The exhibition starts June 10 and finishes on August 27. More about the museum can be found on their web page:


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