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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Iga's Fujioka Shuhei and Shochu Omimai

Greetings from Mishima,
As the rest of the world--particularly schools--begin summer vacation, Japan still works on with P.M. Koizumi leading the way with his Elvis impersonations and 'cool biz' attitude. Kids are in school through most of July.

The Japanese often send summer gifts and greetings and the main saying is shochu omimai moshiagemasu, or 'I wish you good health during these hot summer days.'
And so we too here send our shochu omimai to all.

The next few weeks for us will also see a slow down for mini-exhibitions although we shall continue to offer single pieces that Robert locates on his everyday
yakimono hunt. Today-July 4th--we uploaded a small selection of recent works--and one older one--from Iga's powerful and graceful Fujioka Shuhei. More about Fujioka can be read on or in our archives on

One other mini-exhibition is on the horizon and that will be Tsujimura Kai.

The autumn will bring Kako Katsumi, Kaneta Masanao and Ajiki Hiro.

Also, our office has taken on a new name although all web pages shall remain the same. Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery is now how we shall be called.

Please do enjoy whatever summer holidays you may have, take care--lots of water--and may whatever water you 'enter' be crystal clear.

Clear skies and cool breezes....with thanks and much appreciation.


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