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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Answers....and a Kouchi Shot

For those who may have wondered what the ranking order was for the previous post, well thanks
for waiting; believe it or not...number one was Arita-yaki. Most of what passes as Arita-yaki is mass-produced tableware sold at setomono shops and department stores throughout Japan. That certainly is better then buying 100 yen plates from China! Following in order after Arita are Kutani, Bizen(yeah!), Hagi, Shigaraki, Kyo-yaki/Kiyomizu-yaki, Mashiko-yaki, Mino-yaki, Seto-yaki and last, but certainly not least, is Karatsu-yaki. Anyone score 100%? The photo is of two Oribe works by Kouchi Hidetoshi; we'll be having his exhibition online and here in our Mishima gallery starting next week......


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