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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Walk in the Park....

A walk in the park, Sunday morning....what can be more delightful. These days I find these walks even more needed, getting off the couch (where I rarely am anyway), away from the computer (where I am almost always in front of), and surely away from the 'dark cloud' news that if one stands under too long imagined rain falls. Better to not let the media affect ones mood too much and rejoice in nature and art. So, I enjoy these walks so much, and some have seen photos on the gallery, I thought I'd share a few photos from last Sunday's walk, where I discovered a tribute lawn party to the past poet Wakayama Bokusui. How cool is Japan, tea and shakuhachi in the park, kimono and poems, sake and song. The park is called Senbon (Thousand Trees, yet many more!) and is located next to Suruga Bay in Numazu city. As I walked by the party a few minutes down the path I heard a haunting voice. A lone man sat on a rock amidst the pines and was singing in a low powerful voice, each note hung in the air, full of energy and also a sweet sadness. It really was a magical performance.
All in the blink of time, a place within of calm, here and now.


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