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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shigaraki Takahashi Rakusai THE FIFTH

The time has arrived, just in time for the autumn art season, that the now former Takahashi Kozo (b.1954) will take his distinguished families master potter name of Rakusai, and thus becoming the fifth member of his family to be so honored. To celebrate this time-honored bequeathment, an exhibition will be held in Tokyo at Mitsukoshi's (Nihonbashi) sixth floor gallery from Sept.8-14th and shown here are a few photos from the exhibition catalog. Here at our gallery we have a few RakusaiV works, some not listed, yet one that is can be viewed here:
I've met RakusaiV and he is a fine gentleman and a superb traditional potter; Omedeto Gozaimasu (Congratulations!).


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