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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Beauty of Hidasuki Becoming Cosmetic Color?!

A very loyal client and friend recently informed me of an interesting award given for the study of hidasuki, the straw wrapped scarlet color know as a Bizen 'landscape.' In S.R's own words, "Also, there is a L'Oreal Art and Science Foundation in Japan that sponsors studies of color formation or usage. I came across their ad in Scientific American magazine. They gave a gold prize for a study of the formation of hidasuki in Bizen ceramics. There was a brief abstract of the study. Thought you might find the info interesting. Their web address given for here was

Quite honestly, for me I really don't give much thought to how something is made, I'm more interested in the result and whether it moves me or not. Yet, I know some folks may find the study fascinating.


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