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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ichino in Osaka/Mugs in Numazu

Happen to find yourself in Osaka next week? If you're that lucky then I also suggest you stop in to see Ichino Masahiko's exhibition at Takashimaya from Nov.1-7. Much more about this young celebrated ceramic artists on; as I've noted before I think Ichino is simply brilliant.
Happen to find yourself in Numazu on the holiday weekend Nov.3-5.? And would you like to sample the absolutely best craft beer in Japan? And see some fine beer mugs too?! Then head on over to the Fishermarket Taproom, the brew pub of Baird beer for it's--actually our--Baird Beer and Yakimono Craft Festival! More information and a list of the participating
potters can be viewed on Baird's homepage at:


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