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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kohiku Master Potter Takahashi Samon Exhibition in Nagoya

There are certain prefectures in Japan where the citizens take great pride in their ceramic heritage--a few that come to mind are Aichi(Seto, Tokoname), Tochigi(Mashiko) and Gifu(Mino) to name a few. Unfortunately the prefecture I live in--Shizuoka--did have small, slightly famous styles, such as Shidoro-yaki, yet none exist today. Any kid growing up in Gifu would surely have gotten to know about ceramic traditions and quite a few got hooked and then became potters themselves. This happended with Takahashi Samon(b.1948) and after graduating high school he entered the Kobee Kiln and studied under Kato Kobee and Kato Takuo. He then moved onto prefectural cermaic art schools and then to Kamamura to study at Rosanjin's kiln. Finally in 1977 he established his own kiln in Kasugai, Aichi prefecture where he still works today. His work has a fine and original kohiki crackled glaze that is arguably the finest in Japan. His current exhibition begins today--Oct.3--in Nagoya and for anyone in that area it's a wonderful chance to meet an exceptional traditional potter. The exhibition is at Mitsukoshi, Sakae, seventh floor gallery until Oct.9th.


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