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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wali's Raku Weekend in Mie

As Wali Hawes says, "Potters of the world...IGNITE!" More details on the weekend, scheduled for April 28th-29th can be read at
Wali also wrote me saying, "Here's some information about a Raku Weekend we are holding here in The Odaka Highlands in Mie. The Clay Monograph Series is now in its fourth year and we are now in the 12th edition. It has been a great bridge not only between potters from abroad (had one potter from Israel attend!) and Japanese potters but also allowing Japanese interested to be able to experience things as "hands on" that nornally is beyond their reach not only because the concept of "workshops" (as opposed to "demonstrations" don`t really exist) but also because we are able to de-mystify many things related to pottery. Not an easy task to say the least. These workshops have now generated interest amongst Japanese potters to such an extent a Raku Exhibition is being planned in Yokkaichi and I have been invited to help out!" Photo courtesy of Wali's homepage....
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