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Friday, December 01, 2006

Magazines Appear and Disappear & and other shards.....

Into December we walk and the trees here in Mishima are all becoming leafless with each north wind gust. A few short snippets of possible interest; 1) The major magazine TOHJIRO has for some reason called it quits with their current issue 48. Started in 1995, TOHJIRO was much more widely available than HONOHO GEIJUTSU and brought many new fans to the ceramic world. I have a feeling the editor had a falling out with the manga-minded publisher and will resurface with a new publication. 2) Speaking of resurfacing, TAIKI has been brought back to life after folding a few years ago after only two issues! So now we have issue three focusing on the potters of Iga and Banko. 3) When I was in Bizen last week to select Miyao Masahiro's work--online now--I was saddened to hear of Masamune Moriyasu's (Satoru) much too early passing, he was 53. One of the best throwers in Bizen, and also a clay fanatic, he had his moments of fame and success only to spiral out of control with uncontrollable drinking. Some of his Momoyama period inspired forms--such as a crane's neck vase--were not mere copies yet were imbued with his passionate Bizen spirit. A shame, as although the new Bizen ceramic leaders are introducing new fantastic forms, Bizen needs Momoyama-inspired *good* potters such as Masamune, and few of them there are. R.I.P. Masamune-sensei. 4) My good friend Richard McMahon is having a painting exhibition at our gallery now and he took a small video of it that can be seen on his blog. Go to the following link and scroll down: 5) A fantastic look at Edo period Nabeshima porcelain is on at the equally fantastic MOA Museum in Atami. Not far from Tokyo, or our gallery, the trip is surely worth it to see the building and view alone, yet these porcelains are some of the finest treasures Japan has ever produced. The exhibition starts Dec.2 and runs until Jan.23. Their homepage in either English or Japanese is and the life and philosophy of its founder Okada Mokichi can be read here


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