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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Extended Hands: A Show of Support

Dick Lehman is a rare potter in that he nots only creates some very fine work, he is also an inspirational writer, spiritual searcher of the unconditional loving kind, and a person whose friendship I value very much. Some of you may remember Dick from the travelogue he did for us, you can see that here:
At the bottom of the above page you'll also be able to find a link to Dick's homepage.
Well, Dick has been quite ill recently and thus has not been able to pot and well, life has been tough, to say the least. As potters are a tight community of sorts, many have come together and donated works for a charity sale-auction to help raise some needed cash to help Dick beat his illness and also help to pay some bills. You can view the many pieces for sale online and read more about Dick at this web site:
Gambatte Dick and get well soon and back to the studio!


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