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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shimaoka Tatsuzo--A True Treasure--R.I.P.

Upon my return from Italy I was very saddened to hear of the passing away of Shimaoka Tatsuzo. From an email from Matsuzaki Ken: 'Shimaoka-sensei was hospitalized due to the
cerebral infarction on November 13. He seemed to recover once; however, I
am sorry to say, in spite of a cordial treatment, he passed away at 23:05
on December 11 from the chronic heart disease. Shimaoka-sensei's exhibition started at
Ginza, Tokyo, from December 5. It was a regret that he could not see
it. He had been concerned about the show to the last day, December 11, and he passed away quietly after knowing it was over successfully. I truly admire his mental
power. Shimaoka Kei will take over the studio.'
I had the honor of visiting Shimaoka-sensei on many occasion and he was always very cordial even with his extremely busy schedule. The end of an era for Mashiko. From the New York Times:


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