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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Works from the Soil' Exhibition in Tokyo

Two very hot ceramic artists these days are Ogawa Machiko and Akiyama Yo. Many know their works shown the world over, yet it's not often they show pieces together. A diverse and interesting exhibition is now on in Tokyo at the Art Gallery, Tokyo Opera City showing pieces by these two outstanding artists as well as lots more. From the gallery's homepage announcement, " Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery holds more than 2,600 works including oil paintings, nihon-ga (Japanese paintings), prints, drawings, sculptures, and other media. Among the enormous collection consists of mainly by post-war Japanese artists, the exhibition will show works selected on the themes of "Land" and "Nature." Through various artistic expressions such as clay works, paintings and prints whose motifs are vast landscape and growing plants, the exhibition encourages visitors to experience the power of nature." The homepage has not been updated this year so go to future exhibitions to learn more and also for directions, the exhibition runs until March 25th.


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