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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Seeking Assistance in Cambodia

I received this email today and thought someone out there might be able to assist:

"I handle the National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival In Cambodia – Siem Reap.Ceramics savoir faire disappear from Cambodia, we work on its revival..Our Aim :-Vocational training.-Rural workshops development.-Revival of contemporary Khmer Ceramic Arts.-Production of Khmer Antiques replicas.-Preserving environment with application of green energy for firing.-Reach self-financing to ensure everlastingness of the project.-Fight against illicit trade of Khmer Antiques.
Project’s actual situation:
The project is ongoing.Studio is created.We begin vocational training for disadvantaged peoples.Setup of models and techniques is nearly finished.
In august 2007, we will install a ceramic workshop in Koh Ker, in partnership with NGO “Heritage Watch”.Aim of this rural workshop is the decreasing of poverty in Cambodian rural area.
Our needs :
Promotion and distribution of our products.Infrastructures and educational material.Creation of a library on Ceramics (translation of books in Khmer).Material (Fuel burner) to open way for green energy use.Complementary material for earth treatment.
Can you sustain and/or promote our project?Sustain can be article(s), web links, advertisement, …It will be great to have a helping hand!
You can have an overview of our project on our website : Best regards.
Serge RegaDirectorNCKCR"


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