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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Okabe Mineo Retrospective Photos

The opening to the wonderful Okabe Mineo exhibition was on March 5th with the opening for the general public the following day. The opening was very well attended and I was able to get there before almost anyone else and took quite a few photos, of which a few are seen here. The exhibition is divided into three sections; his early Mino inspired works, Tenmoku and lastly his extraordinary celadon. The catalog was well done and we're offering a few copies at It was interesting to note the authors skirted much of the poverty and controversy that surrounded Okabe's, mentioning very little about his father Kato Tokuro, his name change, the Enin Scandal and his battles with juried exhibits. Nonetheless, for any fan of Japanese ceramics the catalog is a very welcome addition to any library. The energy of his work---especially his ash-glazed Jomon pieces---the most magnificent one pictured here--and his crackled celadon left me speechless, awed. An article on the exhibition will appear in The Japan Times on April 5th.


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