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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Okabe Mineo Retrospective

'Okabe Mineo was born the first son of Kato Tokuro but the relationship basically ended there. It was his grandfather, wife, and potter-scholar Koyama Fujio who were to be the main figures in his life. Okabe was born Kano but changed his name to Kato in 1927. He later changed his name to Okabe in order to honor his wife for the support she gave him during his troubled and impoverished life. Here's what happened in a nutshell.' The rest of the story is continued in an article I wrote that can be read at Yet, that's not as much interest as the announcment I received today of an Okabe Retrospective at the The National Museum of Modern Art, Crafts Gallery, Tokyo opening on March 6th and finishing on May 20th. Okabe is a major figure here and not that well known elsewhere. His work was revolutionary and had power and spirit that was unsurpassed. I once held an ash-glazed chawan of his and the energy emitted from within that chawan made my hands tremble; I'll never forget that as it was frightening. Anyway, stay tuned for more details and photos, and possible catalog. This could certainly be *the* exhibition of of the year!


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