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Friday, April 13, 2007

Japan Art Academy Award for Morino Taimei

One of Kyoto's most celebrated ceramic artist--Morino Taimei--was recently awarded the prestigious Japan Art Academy Award for his henko-jar titled Daichi or Earth. This award is on the same level as of a Living National Treasure, yet differs in that only one work is selected and not an entire career or technique. Previous ceramic artists to have won this award include Imai Masayuki, Kawai Seitoku, Kiyomizu RokubeVI, Aoki Ryozan, Asakura Isokichi and Ohi Toshiro(ChozaemonX), among others. A list of all past winners with photos in Japanese only can be viewed at Morino's award-winning work was exhibited at the 2006 Nitten and is seen in the photo here, courtesy of the Nitten homepage at
An article in the Asahi Newspaper lists other winners as well, in Japanese only though:


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